Meet Our Trainer

Steven Tallas

CDTK, Dip.CBST, CBCC-KA, Cert.ACF, Fear Free Certified

Canine Aggression Specialist
AKC Level 1 Fit Dog Instructor
Proud Stutterer

Behavior Studies: Steven has nine years of professional experience in dog training and behavior. He holds a certificate from Duke University for Dog Emotion and Cognition, is a Professional Member with The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) and is a Certified Fear Free Professional.

His positive dog training approach has helped rehabilitate dogs of numerous breeds and temperaments. His specialties include adult dog obedience, canine fitness, and behavior modification.

Steven is also a certified trainer and graduate of the Master’s Program at CATCH Canine Trainer’s Academy where he is a mentor trainer for other aspiring trainers, an AKC-approved Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and a graduate of The Aggression in Dogs Master Course. He is a Certified Behavior Consultant through the CCPDT, and has completed a rigorous, intensive diploma-based program on canine behavior through the Companion Animal Science Institute (CASI) specializing in aggressive dog cases.

Fitness Studies: Steven started his fitness training journey for dogs in 2016 where he studied canine nutrition at a local pet store he worked for and soon got a badge as a canine nutrition specialist from DNM University. He is currently a Level 1 AKC Fit-Dog instructor, a graduate of Companion Animal Science Institute's Advanced Canine Fitness certification program, and he's a current student of the Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCC) program with the University of South Carolina.

Prior achievements include founding Rescue Education Coalition, a volunteer-engaging project aimed to rehabilitate shelter dogs and place them with families in Houston, TX.

Hannah Pancho

Client Management Specialist

Combining her love for dogs and for providing great customer care, Hannah's directional life path has had her pursue many working relationships including working behind the scenes for a New York based dog training company and for a well established dog training business coach who values ingenuity, leadership, diversity, and growth.

Hannah's tech savvy mindset has brought her to understand key functions such as how to analyze data, conduct extensive research to meet client specifications and preferences, manage a diverse range of social media platforms, and how to provide appropriate solutions and alternatives to ensure client success.

Along with her 4 years of solid experience in Administrative and Customer Support, Hannah hopes to bring her expertise to Venture Dog Training as she helps support pet owners through their own development and personal adventures.

In her downtime apart from making sure the dog training center runs smoothly, Hannah enjoys playing computer games, fitness pole, loves to travel to the beach and enjoys hiking on the trails.

Our History

Since 2012, Steven Tallas has been professionally working to help pet owners effectively and compassionately care for their pets. In 2017, Steven began leading a project called The Sit, Walk, & Barc Event at Barc Animal Shelter and Adoptions, a shelter in Houston, TX. The mission was to help dogs in the shelter get adopted while educating volunteers about dog behavior.​

Utilizing trainers and groomers from local pet shops and a photographer, Tallas organized several successful BARC events in the span of a year. He and his team taught over 50 volunteers who spent over 100 documented hours training sheltered dogs. This contributed to numerous at-risk dogs finding forever homes or being transferred to safer places.

​In 2020, Steven founded Venture Dog Training, a company with the sole purpose of educating owners on how to properly introduce creative adventures to the everyday lives of pet owners. Today, Venture Dog Training expands from Houston to Austin, TX and continues to help pet owners obtain a new and exciting relationship with their pet.​

Steven credits many of his positive reinforcement mentors that helped him grow to become the trainer he is today.

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Dog Training & Behavior Consultant

Austin, TX