Reactive to Calm

This specialized program is for dogs who are experiencing increased arousal in or out of the house.

This includes behaviors such as barking, growling, or lunging on leash, resource guarding, or exhibiting fear or anxiety to a specific visual or audio trigger. We can help.

We help dog owners that are stressed out by their dog’s reactive behavior with other dogs or people regain control and peace in their lives again by the following:

We will work on the following:

  • Building an Action Plan of what we’d like to see starting today

  • Helping you understand the root of your dog’s behavior to prevent and change it

  • Building a foundation for appropriate behaviors moving forward

  • Creating an ongoing management plan where you and your dog can live a drama-free life.

Through this program, we'll work to have you experience peace of mind knowing that your dog is safe and responsive to you, your dog can freely express themselves without violence or threats, and we'll encourage building on new activities in which you and your dog can enjoy.

We believe in building a support system: Canine aggression can come from a number of different factors including pain. In this program, we may ask to partner with your dog's veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist to address the core issue.

Leaving reactivity unaddressed can lead to safety mishaps, a shortened lifespan, and a poor quality of life. Let us help you regain confidence in your dog.


Option 1

Reactive to Calm (Intro Package)

1 one-hour virtual lesson to get to know your situation and start action planning. Plus, 1 one-hour lesson in your home. Add lessons at your convenience ($175).


  • Allows your trainer to set your home environment up for success

  • Great for questions and answers with a certified trainer

  • No commitment necessary

  • Cost efficient/removing the hefty cost of dog training

  • Invest as you go


Intro Package: $275

Option 2

Reactive to Calm Program

1 one-hour virtual lesson to get to know your situation and start action planning. Plus, 5 one-hour lessons in your home.


  • Gradual exposure to public outings and stimuli

  • Extensive coaching and feedback on you and your dog's progress to keep you on track

  • Full phone and text support between lessons

  • A customized lesson plan with measurements of behavior

  • Save $25 with the package!


Reactive Package: $950

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